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Mars AR Notebook

Mars has captured our imagination for generations and is now the focus of a fleet of spacecraft

exploring its deepest secrets and grandest features. These features are now yours to explore with  Augmented Reality as you record your journey with the Mars AR Notebook.

AR Roaming Mars Attractions

Use Augmented Reality technology to wake up Ares, Greek God of War. Experience

360° rotation of Mars from a close angle, and feel this beautiful planets surface.

Meet the Martian Rovers

Visit Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in the solar system. Take a journey to the Valles Marineris,

the longest canyon in the solar system. The Martian landscape is yours to explore.

Meet the Martian Rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity, as they rove across the planet.

Mars Theme in Action

  • AR cover features Ares, the god of war in Greek mythology, who is known to the ancient Romans as Mars.
  • His armors are the symbol of strength and power.
  • Photo of the Curiosity rover is printed on the front page.