Alan Shepard, Apollo 14 5th Man on the Moon, and Edgar Mitchell, 6th Man on the Moon

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An authentically-signed, 8x10 color Kodak print of Alan Shepard on the Moon. Shepard was America's first man in space and as the commander of Apollo 14, he became the 5th man to walk on the Moon. 

This photo was signed in 1997 by both Alan Shepard and the photographer, Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the Moon.  In one photo, you have both deceased moonwalkers.  This is an extraordinarily rare piece, signed and inscribed "Apollo 14" by Alan Shepard without any personalization.  An iconic and remarkably rare item.  Its proud owner will be very glad that both Apollo 14 moonwalkers signed the same photo. 

+++ Consigned item. No discounts accepted, due to consignment contract.