In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of NASA's Apollo 7 mission on October 11th 1968, we are proud to announce the release of our newest item:

The Limited-Edition Gold Titanium Nitride Astronaut Space Pen & Coin Set 

Individually Numbered - Only 500 Sets Available

Apollo 7 Crew

Walter Schirra Jr., Commander

R. Walter Cunningham, Lunar Module Pilot

Donn F. Eisele, Command Module Pilot


Oct. 11, 1968; 11:02:45 a.m. EST


ALTITUDE 141.65 miles

INCLINATION 31.608 degrees

ORBITS 163 revolutions

DURATION 10 days, 20 hours, nine minutes, three seconds

DISTANCE 4,546,918.3 miles


Oct. 22, 1968; 7:11:48 a.m. EDT, Atlantic Ocean

This beautifully engraved gold pen & detailed coin set was inspired by the success of Apollo 7, which was not only the first Apollo mission to carry a crew into space, but which also happened to mark the very first time that our pens were used in space. From that day forward, Fisher Space Pens have been and continue to be used on all manned space flights, both domestic and abroad!

Each #AG7-LE is individually numbered, and this historic set also includes a plaque embedded inside each gift box inscribed with a personal quotation from our dear friend Walter Cunningham, Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 7.

Length: 5.06" .37" Diameter 
Composition: Gold Titanium Nitride Plated Brass
Cartridge: Fisher Pressurized PR4, Black Ink, Medium Point
Packaging: Clear Black Lacquer Gift Box w/ Gold Cardboard Outer Box & Black Velour String-Tie Bag