Apollo 7-17 poster - flown artifacts of all Apollo missions

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Apollo 7-17 poster - flown artifacts of all Apollo missions

Flown artifacts incl. a lunar dust stained surface and rover used beta cloth (Apollo 15) from all manned Apollo missions 7-17 !

Mounted on one striking 17x24'' poster :

  • Apollo 7 - flown heatshield

  • Apollo 8 - flown checklist segment - ex Lovell

  • Apollo 9 - flown LM Kapton foil - ex Schweickart

  • Apollo 10 - flown film - ex Young

  • Apollo 11 - flown Kapton foil

  • Apollo 12 - flown checklist segment - ex Gordon

  • Apollo 13 - flown Kapton foil

  • Apollo 14 - flown Kapton foil

  • Apollo 15 - lunar surface + rover used flown OPS beta cloth - ex Scott

  • Apollo 16 - flown metal ring - ex Young

  • Apollo 17 - flown beta cloth -  ex Cernan

Each artifact was flown on its respective Apollo flight - the Apollo 15 beta cloth is lunar dust stained (visible under a 60x microscope) and from the personal collection of Dave Scott. 

Enjoy our stunning artwork with perfectly placed artifacts- each mission artwork shows a unique feature on that flight.

Only 15 of these 17x24 inch posters are available - designed entirely for us !

Every poster comes with a certificate of authenticity and documentation about the background of these artifacts !

Payment plans possible! Please contact us directly.

All images courtesy of NASA. None of the associated astronauts have endorsed this edition nor were involved in the making of although some artifacts derive directly from their collections (James Lovell, Rusty Schweickart, John Young, Dave Scott, Richard Gordon, Gene Cernan)

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