Apollo 15 Medallion Minted With Flown To Lunar Orbit Metal

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1.75 inch Diameter Medallion, in Antique Bronze with black enamel. 

Contains metal that was Flown to Lunar Orbit

The medallions measures 1.75 inch diameter and contain metal that spent 3 days in Lunar Orbit inside Apollo 15 Command Module, Endeavour. The front depicts the Apollo 15 Emblem in a beautiful three dimensional render, with the rear showing Dave Scott returning from the First Lunar Rover used on the Moon close to Hadley Rille at Station 10.Both sides are rendered in 3D with a black enamel ring behind the text. 

Limited edition of 2,500 pieces. 

The Medallions were minted by space medallion specialists, Winco International.

Each order comes with a protective circular plastic case, a plastic coin stand and a COA card.

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