Enamelled Spiral Galaxy Meteorite Pendant

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Brand: The Space Store


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A  solid silver oval and set  with a multi-coloured spiral Galaxy. Each arm is set with a different coloured enamel.

At the centre is a fragment of real iron Cmpo Del Cielo meteorite.

The Campo Del Cielo is a famous Octahedrite iron meteorite that fell in large amounts in Argentina between 4000-5000 years ago.

An iron meteorite is basically the molten iron core from a failed planet of some kind.

No-one knows exactly where any iron meteorites originate, but isn't it magical to think that they are the exploded core of an unknown planet many millions of miles away?!

The pendant measures 3cm  from top to bottom.

Strung from an 18 inch sterling silver curb chain and boxed and labelled.

All meteorite jewelry is guaranteed genuine - for life and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and a  meteorite information sheet. This is a useful introduction to the  amazing world of meteorites!