Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant

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Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant

  • The Muonionalusta Meteorite was first found in 1906 and is likely the oldest Meteorite in the world

  • When polished and etched the classic Widmanstätten patterns of intersecting lines are visible on the Muonionalusta Meteorite.

  • Each segment of meteorite is natural and unique – as such, each piece will differ based on natural variations

  • Beautifully Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant with Genuine Muoniunalusta Meteorite

  • Meteorite - Meteorite is a rock or iron fragment that is from a meteoroid or asteroid that has passed through the earth's atmosphere. Each meteorite fall location has varying attributes.

    A 2010 study reported the lead isotope dating in the Muonionalusta meteorite and concluded the stishovite was from an impact event hundreds of millions of years ago: "The presence of stishovite signifies that this meteorite was heavily shocked, possibly during the 0.4 Ga [billion years] old breakup event indicated by cosmic ray exposure