Apollo 11 Robbins Commemorative 50th Anniversary Collection 1/2oz Gold Matte Proof Medallion

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Apollo 11 Robbins Commemorative 50th Anniversary Collection

1/2oz Gold Matte Proof Medallion

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The fact that the Robbins medallions were actually flown aboard the space missions, were closely associated with the astronauts, and are seldom available and only in restricted quantities make them highly sought-after collectibles on the few times they are available. But now, thanks to GovMint’s standing in the numismatic world, we have been able to partner with Neil Armstrong’s son, Mark, to use the original dies of the historic Apollo 11 Robbins Medals and made new dies to create these commemorative medals celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission!

Struck in a half ounce of 99.99% gold, this Apollo 11 Commemorative replicates the original medal’s design with an American Eagle landing on the moon on the obverse. On the reverse you’ll find the three names of the astronauts and the Launched, Landed and Returned dates just like on the original medal. In celebration of this historic event, the engravings of “50th Anniversary” and “1969-2019” have been added to the design.

Each medal will arrive in its own presentation case and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity and an informative storycard. Coin collectors, history buffs, fans of space and science, and people who enjoy owning pieces of Americana will all be clamoring for this historic medal. 

NOTE: A portion of the proceeds will benefit charities endorsed by the Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins families.

  • MEDALS MADE FROM ORIGINAL DIES – These Apollo 11 Fiftieth Anniversary Gold Medals were made from the original dies used by the Robbins Company to strike an extremely limited number of medallions that traveled aboard the mission. The Robbins Company worked directly with the astronauts to create a medal replicating the mission patch design that featured an American Eagle about to land on the moon with Mother Earth floating above in the background. The medal’s reverse includes the names of the astronauts – Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin – along with the dates of launch, moon landing and return. On the original medals that flew in space, the dates were left blank and were to be engraved upon their return to Earth.

  • COMMEMORATING MANKIND’S MOST SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENT – Humans have always been fascinated by the moon. Once technology caught up with our dreams, the quest to put a man on the moon was no longer a fantasy. Finally, on July 20, 1969, American Astronaut Neil Armstrong descended from the lunar module Eagle and upon setting foot on the moon proclaimed, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY-PURE GOLD – Your Apollo 11 Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative Medal is struck in a half ounce of 99.99% gold. You’ll see this purity engraved on the medal’s edge where it reads: “1/2 oz 9999 AU.”

  • EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION – Just 2,019 of these Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Half-Ounce Gold Medals will be struck. 

  • EXCLUSIVE RELEASE – To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this monumental event, GovMint has partnered with Neil Armstrong’s son, Mark, to use the original dies to create these Apollo 11 Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative Half-Ounce Gold Medals.

If there was ever a numismatic collectible that was described as being “out of this world,” it would be these Apollo 11 Fiftieth Anniversary Commemorative Medals. Secure one now and own a piece of history!

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