Apollo 15 50th Medallion - Commemorative Limited Edition

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Apollo 15 50th Medallion (25,000 pc limited edition)

NEW! The Long awaited, Winco Apollo 15 50th Medallion

Honoring Apollo 15  Apollo Program 50th Anniversary Celebrations

 Commemorative Limited Edition, limited to 25,000 medallions

Choose with Acrylic Stand; $24.95,  or 2 View Frame; $28.95

(Order is for 1 medallion; 2 medallions displayed to show both sides) 

 An official NASA medallion series, commemorative limited edition, minted with certified lunar flown Apollo command module and Mars Curiosity engineering materials.

Winco International hereby certifies that the Apollo medallions in this series are NASA Official Limited Editions. Each one commemorates the teamwork, achievements and missions that made human exploration of the moon possible, and also remembers Apollo 1. In addition, each medallion looks to the future of deep space exploration, from our return to the moon, to Mars and beyond. To celebrate these objectives and Apollo's 50th Anniversary, all medallions are minted with authentic lunar flown Apollo command module and Mars Curiosity engineering metals. Production for each Apollo mission is limited to 25,000 pieces. 

The COA confirms that each medallion includes Apollo Space Flown Parts and also confirms this low Limited Edition of 25,000 Medallions.