Celebrating 'Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space' Limited Edition Frame
Celebrating 'Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space' 'Cernan Artist's Proof Frame'
Celebrating 'Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space' 'Cernan Artist's Proof Frame'
Celebrating 'Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space' 'Cernan Artist's Proof Frame'

Celebrating 'Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space' 'Cernan Artist's Proof Frame'

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Celebrating Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space Limited Edition Frame 23.75" x 19.75"

CONSIGNED BY OWNER. #185 / 200. 


#185 / 200 

This historic commemorative has been commissioned and signed by Apollo 17 Captain Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon. It is also an Official NASA Limited Edition of 1,972 pieces. The edition exclusive lithograph features actual photographs that were taken during Apollo XVII's Mission. Subtle watermark images of the Apollo XVII crew and President John F. Kennedy are also included. Shadow-boxed within the lithograph is a dimensional limited edition "First Footprints" emblem. The featured dimensional medallion is also shadow boxed and exclusive to this edition. Both are finished in antique silver and minted with actual parts from Apollo Command Modules that flew to the moon. The reproduction of the Apollo XVII Plaque, as left on the moon by the astronauts, is also a limited edition. The timeline of historic photographs, and corresponding mission emblems, represents the golden age of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. All the featured emblems are officially used by NASA. The bevel cut matting also tells the story of an Apollo launch, a journey to the moon, and the astronaut's safe return to earth. A full color Certificate of Authenticity is numbered to match the frame's edition number as engraved on the command module's story plate.

Here is what the recipients are saying - the one's who received a frame at the unveiling at the San Diego Air and Space Museum in December 2012:

"Celebrating Apollo XVII and The Golden Age of Space" is truly a classic. I am extremely impressed with this high quality celebration of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and with the historical accuracy, breathtaking images and official emblems that are included. Having this piece commemorate Apollo XVII is even more meaningful with Captain Gene Cernan's personally inscribed signature. The limited edition First Footprints emblem and edition-exclusive medallion have exceptional detail and are a terrific enhancement since they are also minted with Apollo command module metal flown to the moon. Although the computer images looked great, they simply do not do justice to this incredible presentation. In consideration of everything included and the historic significance, this edition is a tremendous value.

I have given several of these frames as gifts to family and business friends and have received nothing but rave reviews. Congratulations WINCO on a job well done! Mark Larson Chairman of the BoardSan Diego Air & Space Museum Andy, The commemorative framed limited edition you created in my behalf as a personal memento for all those who attended our private dinner on December 14, 2012, in recognition of The 40th Anniversary of Apollo XVII has become something very special for all the recipients. Their response to me personally has been overwhelming, and I continue to send this unique and artistic piece to the many who were unable to attend. The Frame captures with historical detail and authenticity far more of the history of Apollo than I ever imagined possible. Those were special days a half century ago we now remember as the Golden Age of Space, from Alan Shepard?s first flight to those final steps of Apollo on December 14, 1972. My family, friends and my many colleagues who attended the dinner now display their commemorative with a level pride only exceeded by my own. Captain Gene CernanGemini IX, Apollo X, Apollo XVII My beautiful frame, Celebrating Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space, is the highlight of my commemorative pieces from that awesome era of American space achievement! Besides its superb quality and attention to detail, this piece captures the Golden Age of Space and literally transmits it to the observer. And for those of us who were lucky enough to participate in this period of space history, this frame is especially meaningful. With the inclusion of Gene Cernan's signature and metal from Apollo command modules flown to the moon, Winco International and Gene Cernan have created a truly unique piece of art that my family and I will treasure forever Gerry GriffinFormer Apollo Flight DirectorFormer Director, NASA Johnson Space Center Winco, once again you have made me speechless. What a beautiful piece of art you have created to celebrate such a wonderful part of America's history in space. This edition is simply AMAZING! Even the subtleties jump from the frame - from the silhouette of President Kennedy to seeing Apollo XVII Commander, Gene Cernan driving the Moon buggy. You can almost hear him yelling, Yee-Haw! This edition hangs ever so proudly in my home, right above my other beautiful Winco frame, Celebrating the Space Shuttle Program. Thank you for creating this breathtaking commemorative that has captured such an important part of my life. This edition will not only keep these historic moments close to my heart, it will also continue to remind me about the need and potential of America's future in space. We cannot move forward without what has been accomplished in the past. Trudy DuhonLockheed Martin / JSC Dear Mr. Boston, I would like to thank you for the incredible piece entitled ?Celebrating Apollo XVII and the Golden Age of Space". It is not only an honor, but a privilege to be the recipient of this beautiful piece of art produced by Winco. The craftsmanship and the attention to detail is exceptional and we will be forever grateful to you and Captain Cernan. The event in Pensacola was so memorable and my wife Shawne and I feel very privileged to have been part of it. It was an honor for Up with People to also be part of the program where we met so many wonderful people and some of life?s true heroes. Thank you again for producing this wonderful memento which we will always cherish. Alain L. ThiryPresident and CEOUp with People