Mercury Redstone Model in 1/72 Scale

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Mercury Redstone Model in 1/72 Scale

NASA modified a Redstone missile and created a 25.5m-long manned space launch vehicle designed to carry astronauts into space. Selected because of its good safety record, it used an upgraded Rocketdyne engine combined with a Mercury spacecraft.

In late 1960, it only got four inches off the launch pad, but by 31 January 1961, with Ham the Chimp aboard, MR-2 completed a suborbital flight. Alan Shepard, the 1st American astronaut, traveled into space on the 3rd Mercury-Redstone mission (MR-3), just 3 weeks after the Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, performed the world's first orbital spaceflight. Virgil Grissom aboard blasted off on 21 July later that year.

The NEW limited edition Mercury Redstone model is the full rocket launch system with the Mercury spacecraft perched atop the launch vehicle. At 1/72 scale, this replica measures 14.38? tall from base to the tip of its escape tower -- perfect for desktop display. It is produced from resin composites & hand finished from all new tooling.

  • 1:72 Scale Model

  • 14.38? Tall