Apollo Medallion COMPLETE SET ALL 8! Medallion Collectors Set

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SET OF ALL 8 APOLLO MEDALLIONS - Contains metal flown to the moon on Apollo missions!


  • Includes 8 acrylic stands and 8 medallion cases
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    Historic First! These 1.75" diameter two-sided Medallion includes Apollo Flown Metal! On one side is the Apollo Mission Logo. There are four Apollo Mission Medallions: Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 13, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16 and Apollo 17. The eighth Medallion is the NASA VECTOR LOGO MEDALLION that commemorates the Apollo 40th Anniversary. On the opposite side of all 5 Medallions is the Apollo 40 Years Logo. Inscribed on this side is: EXPLORING THE MOON, DISCOVERING EARTH - CELEBRATE APOLLO Considering the real value of this historic medallion, the cost is significantly below what would be expected of a collectible such as this. Dimensionally rendered in nickel/silver. Includes a Circular Presentation Case.

    • Two sided Medallion is 1.75" in diameter
    • Medallion contains Apollo flown metal that went to the moon!
    • A Beautiful Silver / Sandblasted Finish
    • Includes an acrylic stand and medallion case

    Save $10 when bought as a set. No additional discounts for this set are allowed

    Winco International hereby certifies that the metal included in the individual and framed Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallions is taken from Apollo Command Modules that flew to the Moon. Since NASA chose to celebrate the entire Apollo Program, no aspect of this 40th anniversary celebration was to be mission specific. As a result, Winco cannot identify the specific Apollo missions that the flown metal is taken from. NASA has accepted Winco's certification per their knowledge of the metal used and their internal usage of these individual and framed medallion editions. Various undefined flown metal types and percentages have been used in the production of these medallions.