"FINAL FLIGHT" 5" Patch by Artist Tim Gagnon

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"FINAL FLIGHT" is a tribute patch design to the astronauts and cosmonauts lost in the effort to explore space.

There are stars for each person honored. The three stars above the moon pay tribute the Apollo 1 crew. The constellation on the STS-26 and 107 patches honor the crews of Challenger and Columbia. The twin stars below the moon are for the original Gemini 9 crew, the three stars on the right, for the crew of Soyuz 11.

The star to the left of the Andromeda Galaxy is for Komarov aboard Soyuz 1. The other stars are for the astronauts and cosmonauts lost in accidents, including Ed Givens whose star is at the very top.

The formation still represents the "Missing Man" formation but the launch now honors the return to flight missions of Discovery and the effort they required.

My goal was always to honor fallen heroes with a beautiful piece of art and now I'm confident that I've succeeded.