Friendship 7: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Patch

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Friendship 7 50th Anniversary Commemorative PatchFully Embroidered Patch is 4" x 6"Celebrating the first American to orbit the earth

This is another outstanding design from Artist Tim Gagnon. This design celebrates that accomplishment by incorporating elements of both of John Glenn's spaceflights. At the top is the name Glenn chose for his call sign that was painted on the side of his spacecraft. On the left is the Mercury 7 Astronaut Symbol. On the right is the US Astronaut Symbol. The Mercury capsule and orbital trajectory are borrowed from the STS-95 patch when Glenn returned to space aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1998. The seven stars represent the Mercury 7 Astronauts as well as the crew STS-95. The anniversary date and the name of the man we honor are at the bottom.This design was created by Tim Gagnon of Titusville, Florida and Dr. Jorge Cartes of Madrid, Spain.