SPACEX DEMO-1 Mission Patch

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SpX-DM1 (SpaceX Demonstration Mission 1) is the first orbital test of the Dragon 2. This first spaceflight is an uncrewed mission. It was launched on March 2, 2019 at 2:49 AM EST and arrived at the ISS on March 3, a little over 24 hours after the launch.

The spacecraft tests the approach and automated docking procedures with the ISS, remain docked for five days, then conduct the full re-entry, splashdown and recovery steps to provide data requisite to subsequently qualify for flights transporting humans to the ISS. Life support systems are being monitored all along the test flight. The same capsule will be re-used later for an in flight abort test. It was launched on a Spacex Falcon 9 rocket contracted by NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. Initial plans had hoped to see CCDev2 flights as early as 2015.