Apollo 11: First Men on the Moon, Pocket Space Guide

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Project Apollo 11 - First Men on the Moon

Space junkies and armchair astronauts are provided with comprehensive, handy references for a variety of space-related missions, vehicles, and concepts in this pocket-sized series. Compiled with the cooperation of NASA, each topic-specific reference features relevant statistics, photographs, and the stories behind each project. Books on manned missions include crew photographs, information on patches and equipment, and flight statistics such as time in space, distance traveled, and mission objectives. Photographs and statistics for launch vehicles, orbiters, probes, and experimental equipment are featured in each equipment-specific reference.Every detail of the Apollo 11 mission, including flight statistics, mission objectives, equipment used, patches, and background information and photographs of the crew, is covered in this conveniently sized reference.

Features and Reviews:Review by John Kelly Florida Today: "Apollo 11: First Men on the Moon." Robert Godwin edited this "pocket space guide" that is loaded with an abridged account of Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's moon landing as well as neat trivia, photographs and diagrams. It's an easy, quick read worthy of a spot on the reference shelf

Review by Mark Mortimer: "The Apollo 11 flight put the first humans onto the Moon?s surface. This culmination of the space race between the USA and the USSR is the watershed in human space travel. Though a singularly exciting event in its own right, this mission was many years in the making and needed the contribution of tens of thousands across the country. As such, there was a deserved celebration when the Command Module slowly descended into the Pacific Ocean 8 days after launch.

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Collector's Guide Publishing, Inc. (September 1, 2005)
  • Language: English
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