Apollo 12" Commemorative Patch

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Apollo Commemorative 12 by Artist Tim Gagnon

This design is the sixth in the series Celebrating 50 Years of America in Space. it honors the men and women of Project Apollo.The central theme of the design is Man on the Moon. The mission commander faces the craft which he piloted to the surface. The Earth, which he could cover with his thumb, is in the sky behind him. Is he waiting for his LM Pilot to step onto the surface or his he taking one last look before he climbs back up the ladder. That’s for the viewer to decide. The main design elements of each mission patch surround this scene. The surnames of every astronaut who flew during the program is listed in alphabetical order. This was done to show that each and every one of them played an important role. The astronauts who lost their lives in our quest to reach the Moon are honored in this design. The names of the men who were to be the first manned crew (Grissom, White and Chaffee) are in gold. The four white stars at the bottom honor Ted Freeman, CC Williams, Elliott See and Charles Bassett who were killed before they could fly in space. The patch is 12 in diameter with a merrowed border. It is not fully embroidered as the area of space is black twill. This allows the astronauts artwork to be highlighted in a 3 dimensional effect. This design was created by Tim Gagnon of Titusville, Florida, a graphic and portrait artist with a life long passion for space exploration. His work is on display at the Kennedy Space Center, City Hall in Elmira, NY and the International Space Station.

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