Apollo 17 Launch, Moon Landing, Splashdown Cover Set

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Set of 3 covers commemorating the Apollo 17 Launch, Moon Landing, Splashdown in 1972. 

**Only one cover set containing: "Cernan, Evans, Schmitt" instead of "Moonlanding"**

Apollo 17 Launch - December 7, 1972 - 12:33AM Astronauts Cernan, Evans and Schmitt turned night into day as the rocket's brilliant flame illuminated the Cape Canaveral area heading for the moon after a delay of 2.5 hours caused by a computer problem that falsely signaled a safety system that the rocket's third stage was not properly pressurized. Engineers bypassed the erroneous signal, and liftoff came 2 hours and 39 minutes later than originally planned. At 12:44AM the engines cut off, leaving the astronauts safely in orbit and prepared to start the quarter million mile journey to the moon.

Apollo 17 Moon landing - December 11, 1972 - 2:55PM After guiding the Lunar Lander "Challenger" over a range of 6,000 foot mountains - Astronauts Cernan and Schmitt put down in a shallow depression less than 600 feet from the planned touchdown point at Taurus-Littrow, less than a second off schedule. At 6:55PM the two Astronauts stepped off the footpad onto the lunar surface.

Apollo 17 Splashdown - December 19, 1972 - 2:25PM The splashdown sequence went without flaw. At 2:12PM as predicted, the spacecraft came into earth's atmosphere at 25,000 mph and began slowing down. At 2:25PM Astronauts Cernan, Evans and Schmitt came within easy range of watching television cameras aboard the recovery ship U.S.S. Ticonderoga, enabling millions of blue Pacific waters just 3.5 miles from target. The last of the Apollo flights proved to be the most successful; bringing back more samples with more promise to scientists than ever before. The journey lasted a record of 301 hours and 52 minutes. The end of a colorful era.