Apollo: The Panoramas - A Hardback Book by Mike Constantine

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Apollo: The Panoramas - A Hardback Book

By Mike Constantine
With Contributions from Apollo Moonwalkers:
Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell, Charlie Duke and Harrison Schmitt
Foreword by Charlie Duke

"One of a kind, important and gorgeous - Tom Hanks"
"The nearest thing in print to visiting the sites yourself - 5 Stars - BBC, Sky At Night Magazine" 

Having spent the last 15 years assembling high resolution, seamless panoramas from the Apollo Missions, Mike Constantine has compiled over 50 stunning panoramas into one book, "Apollo: The Panoramas". Each panorama spans a full double page spread, and includes almost every panorama captured on the lunar surface, as well as pans captured from the LM Windows and the stand up EVA on Apollo 15.

Each panorama has a detailed description by the author plus most also have exclusive comments from the Apollo Moonwalkers who were actually there. Alan Bean, Edgar Mitchell, Charlie Duke and Harrison Schmitt.

BOOK SIZE:  14 inches wide x 10.25 inches high

PANORAMAS:  over a double page spread 28 x 10.25


Giampaolo Frello
Got it today in Italy. I couldn't expect better, all pictures are astonishing and I can easily say this is the best KS project I ever backed (quality, price, time, everything perfect). Thanks!

Alex Bilstein
I received my book yesterday in the US, it looks fantastic! The book is a birthday present for my dad who is a retired professor of aviation and aerospace history (he also wrote Stages to Saturn among other books). We are celebrating his birthday tomorrow so the timing is perfect. Thanks!

Arnoud Bijvoet
Received my book yesterday, it's awsome. Nice job Mike!

Arthur Ciccone (USA)
Hi Mike. I backed this book because I believe in what you are doing. I am so glad that I did. What an awesome book. Thank you for all of the hard work and time you have put into this.