Celebrate Apollo Program Commemorative Frame Set

Celebrate Apollo Program Commemorative Frame Set

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Celebrate Apollo Program Commemorative Frame SetAn Individually Numbered and Signed Edition of 1969 Total

OFFICIAL NASA MEDALLION CONTAINS RARE APOLLO METAL FLOWN TO THE MOON! This limited edition features an official NASA medallion that contains Apollo metal flown to the moon (yes, you can now own a piece of Lunar History!). Only 1,969 of these medallions will ever be produced and they are only available in this frame edition.The actual frame is in a custom 14" x 20.5" matted frame. Distinctively plated in antique silver, the medallions are also shadowboxed within the presentation. The featured limited edition print has been signed by renowned space artist, Paul Calle. Mr. Calle designed the famous 1969 First Man on the Moon stamp and the prints were reproduced from his original painting entitled "The Great Moment". The prints and covers have been numbered by Mr. Calle to match the limited edition number that is engraved on each frame's descriptive plate. This edition features emblems and pins that are officially used by NASA.

Special Features Included:

  • "First Footprints" (dimensional and shadowboxed)

  • Features all of the Apollo Mission Pins"

  • "Apollo 40th Anniversary Medallion with Flown Metal"

  • The matting also tells the story of the Apollo Program

  • This frame also includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity (protected within a certificate envelope and mounted to the back of the frame)

  • Packed in a sturdy presentation box