Celebrating the Space Shuttle Program

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CELEBRATING THE SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM THIS IS BEING SOLD FOR UP TO $1100.00 ELSEWHERE! ONLY 3500 WILL BE MADE.This Official Space Shuttle Program Limited Edition Commemorative Edition was developed for NASA and commissioned by NASA's Space Shuttle Program Office.

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Celebrating the achievements, legacy and 2011 completion of America's Space Shuttle Program. These official, limited edition commemoratives have been commissioned by NASA's Space Shuttle Program Office and are trulyworthy of the Program they represent.Over the years, Winco has produced many aerospace frame editions that have been officially used by NASA and the aerospace industry as awards, retirement gifts and special presentations. The limited editions announced below represent our finest work.A framed limited edition featuring all 135 official Space Shuttle mission pins. Presented in chronological order, these mission pins provide an emblematic history of the Program and are presented on an edition exclusive print created by Blake Dumesnil. This exquisite, limited edition print also confirms each mission pin's mission number, the name of the Space Shuttle flown and the launch and landing dates. The Featured Centerpiece: This exclusive, limited edition medallion is minted with metal ingots that were flown on a Space Shuttle mission (over-sized at 2 1/8" and shadow-boxed). The ingots were specially flown on a Space Shuttle mission for the purpose of creating official medallions to commemorate the Space Shuttle Program and to honor those who made the Program possible. 2 other commemorative emblems are minted with the same Space Shuttle flown ingots and are featured along with an edition exclusive Space Shuttle Launch Emblem (also shadow-boxed). 4 other Program related emblems complete the edition. The solid brass story plate is cut in the shape of the Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Design and is also engraved with the individual edition number of each frame. State of the art mat cutting delivers a visually enhanced, 5-level presentation for the 144 hand-mounted commemoratives. This 3,500 piece limited edition will exceed all expectations. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also included. Quality, workmanship and absolute satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

  • Overall dimensions: 28.5" x 32.75"
  • Only limited to 3,500 frames
  • A numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included
  • Due to size and weight of this frame, it will only be shipped UPS GROUND and actual shipping charges apply, not the 8 dollars in the cart.