Mercury MA-6 John Glenn FLOWN Heatshield Acrylic

Mercury MA-6 John Glenn FLOWN Heatshield Acrylic

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Mercury MA-6 John Glenn FLOWN Heatshield Acrylic

Mercury Redstone - Freedom 7 was the first manned US spaceflight carrying Alan Shepard into space may 5th 1961.
Mercury Atlas - Friendship 7 was the first manned Mercury mission that reached orbit piloted by John Glenn. Launched February 20th 1962 John Glenn became the first American in orbit.

Acrylic block containing a flown piece of "Freedom 7" parachute and a flown piece of "Friendship 7" heatshield taken from the capsule.

Made out of the most advanced acrylic available on the market today - Plexid 55 - these are ultraclear with no discoloration over time. Unlike other privately made acrylics or lucites these are real blocks, not cheaply glued or screwed together. Each block is about 5''x3''x1'' in size - perfect for any office table or even flat down in a cabinet.

We only use the best certified flown artifacts for these highend quality products.
It took us more than 20 years to locate a suitable flown artifact from Glenn's flight since almost nothing (except flown dollar bills) is on the market. According to our research we are the only supplier in the world now that can offer you a flown artifact from MA-6. The source of this heatshield fragment was a heatshield plug encased into lucite as a presentation piece given to Gemini Program Office special assistant and longtime NASA employee, Paul M. Sturtevant.
The MR-3 parachute fragment is originally from the collection of Hal French, a NASA worker, who was given permission after the flight to cut a part of the parachute into souvenir pieces. Still these parachute fragments represent some of the VERY few flown artifacts on the market available at all from the first US spaceflight.

Only 20 such acrylics were made and each comes with a COA and documentation about the background of the artifacts.