Meteorite 8 Fragment Set in Gift Box

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Meteorite 8 Fragment Set in Gift Box

Own a real piece of space? Why not own 8 pieces! Some of these specimens are believed to be more than 40,000 years old.  A great gift set and a great space collectible.Each meteorite is individually encased and has the fact information specifications on the back of the enclosure! Yes, you can remove each enclosure from the presentation!  Included on the information is the name, where it was found, the class, date of fall/find, description and additional remarks. Size and specimen will vary. (there are more than 8 different ones.

You can arrange in two rows side by side, vertically, or two horizontal rows, for whichever appearance you prefer. You can also remove each specimen and read the details about each specific meteorite..

This set includes:

  • Stony Iron Meteorite Fragment - Sahara Desert, Morocco
  • Iron Nickel Meteorite Fragment Campo del Cielo, Argentina
  • Iron Nickel Meteorite Fragment, Sikhote-Alin, Russia

  • Iron Nickel Meteorite Fragment, Nantan, China

  • Stony Iron Meteorite, Jidat al Harasis, Oman

  • Iron Meteorite Fragment, Atlas Moutains, Morocco

  • Chondrite Meteorite Fragment, Algeria

  • Iron Meteorite Fragment, Patos de Matos, Brazil

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