EARTH AR Notebook

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EARTH AR Notebook

Take a tour of earth in augmented reality with the EARTH AR Notebook from AstroReality. Boasting an embossed hardcover exterior, this notebook comes with 176 pages of acid-free blank and graph paper, plus an inside cover designed to work with a downloadable AR app for iOS and Android. The app lets you take an AR-enhanced tour of selected geographical highlights on earth, including selected land masses, glaciers, mountains, and more. The notebook features an attached black ribbon bookmark.

Explore Earth with Augmented Reality

Using AR technology, the EARTH AR Notebook lets you experience Earth from high-level global views to the local terrains, right on the horizon. The refined and accurate 3D geomorphology is designed to boost your AR experience. The notebook features a curated a selection of land masses, glaciers, volcanoes, lakes, and the world's highest peaks to showcase the breathtaking landscape of our home. See Mount Everest, the Grey Glacier, the Grand Canyon, and Lake Heiterwanger from a birds-eye view.

Take an AR Tour with Gaea

Gaea, the personification of Earth in Greek mythology, is your guide on your journey through the EARTH AR Notebook experience.


The EARTH AR Notebook feaures a thick, embossed hardcover exterior and hand-bound wire binding that's designed to lay flat when opened. Acid-free paper in both blank and graph styles is ideal for sketching. Keep your place with an embedded black ribbon bookmark. You can also store documents in the back cover folder.

Key Features

  • Embossed Hardcover Exterior

  • 176 Pages of Blank & Graph Paper

  • AR-Enabled Inside Cover

  • Downloadable AR App for iOS & Android