'Endeavour's Sunset Flight' 4.5" x 4.25" Patch

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'Endeavour's Sunset Flight' 4.5" x 4.25" Patch

Production TimelineSpring 2012Lead DesignNathan Moeller, Brian Papke, Chris GebhardtCollaboratorsTim Gagnon, Kevin Helm
    For the opening design salvo of 2012, we decided to create an emblem to commemorate the flight of space shuttle Endeavour to California this summer. The goal was to make it similar to Discovery Chase Team emblem in overall spirit, but we also wanted it to be unique to the occasion.Since no plans for group coverage by the Max-Q/NASASpaceflight team currently exist, we decided to make the emblem specific to Endeavour's achievements and her journey to her new home at the California Science Center. However, the design was created with the potential plan for group coverage in mind, so it can be adapted for that purpose if needed. But while that remains in limbo, instead of the red and black ribbon used on the DCT emblem (Max-Q colors), we used a golden ribbon for Endeavour, as she is traveling from one sunny coast to another in the United States. The patriotic elements of red, white and blue returned for this design in the form of the rising sun rays, blue Earth and red and white stars trailing the SCA/orbiter stack (25 stars for 25 spaceflights of Endeavour).