Hubble Space Telescope 25th Anniversary 12" Commemorative Patch

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Launched aboard the orbiter Discovery on Mission STS-31 April 24th 1990. Initial tests indicated a spherical aberration in the primary mirror. Hubble was thought by many to be a colossal failure. In 1993 and during 4 subsequent serving missions shuttle astronauts upgraded the HST and in fact, improved the hardware significantly. These upgrades enabled to rewrite astronomy textbooks for generations to come. This design showcases Hubble orbiting earth and perring into deep space. The inner border is reminiscent of the primary mirror and is bordered by the 6 HST mission numbers. The gold astronaut pin pays tribut to those 'Hubble Huggers' who performed the EVA's.

This design was created by Tim Gagnon of Titusville, Florida and Jorge Cartes, of Madrid, Spain. It is a fully embroidered, 12" patch.