LEM Component Layout 18" x 32" Blueprint

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LEM COMPONENT LAYOUT 18" X 32" Blueprint

Built by Grumman in the 1960?s, six Lunar Excursion Modules landed twelve American astronauts on the moon. Designed to fly in the vacuum of space, the LEM?s boxy shape gave it the moniker of ?The Bug? or ?Spider.? When disaster struck the crew of Apollo 13, LEM Aquarius was used as a ?lifeboat? to return the astronauts home alive. Printed on 80 lb. stock, our Artifactory digital print depicts the LEM as it was used in space with all four legs deployed. The actual digital print you receive is a high-resolution image where all intricate line work is in sharp focus and all the notations are readable (see detail photo).18 H x 32