Mercury Atlas Model in 1/72 scale

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Mercury Atlas Model in 1/72 Scale

Atlas was the launch vehicle for the four manned Mercury orbital flights in 1962-1963.

Atlas was designed to launch payloads into orbit and was first launched by NASA in 1958. It launched the first communications satellite that transmitted President Eisenhower's pre-recorded Christmas speech around the world. For all three robotic lunar exploration programs, Atlas was used, as well as both Mariner and Pioneer planetary probes. NASA selected the U.S. Air Force Atlas D intercontinental ballistic missile to be modified into one of the launch vehicles for the first manned spaceflight program, designated the Mercury-Atlas.

This is a 1:72 scale model of the Mercury - Atlas launch vehicle, produced by Toys and Models Corporation from resin composites, stands an impressive 16.63? high.

  • 1:72 Scale Model

  • 16.63 inches in height