Moon Lithograph Signed by 13 Apollo Astronauts

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Own a piece of space history!  Only 24 human beings have ever flown to the Moon.  This piece is an 8x10 color lithographic print of the Moon authentically signed by 13 Apollo astronauts.  This includes 7 moonwalkers, (5 of which are deceased) as well as one of the most difficult signatures to get (Harrison Schmitt). It is also signed by 6 others who have also flown to the Moon. 

Authentically signed by each astronaut with a black Sharpie, this piece was signed by the following moonwalkers: Bean, Mitchell, Shepard, Young, Conrad, Schmitt, Duke---(only 2 of which are still living).  Lovell, Haise, Gordon, Borman, Worden, and Stafford have also signed the piece (Gordon is deceased).

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