NASA Apollo Mini Messenger Bag

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NASA Apollo Mini Messenger Bag

There's awesome and then there's 'severely awesome'. This would be the latter. 

Cool, iconic, and no one else has one yet...well, maybe someone out there...but you will be the first, in your circle of influence, family and friends. Set the trend! Next time you're in 'Group 5' catching a flight...the attendants will see you and call you forward to 'priority boarding'. No one in 'Group 5' has an Apollo / Lunar Messenger Bag, of course. May not get you upgraded to First Class...but if you do, give this a 5 star review!

•Officially Approved by NASA
•Replica of Apollo moon landing map, grommets highlight actual landing locations
•Padded packet securely holds standard 13" laptop
•Adjustable strap

15" X 14" X 2"