NASA AR Notebook

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NASA AR Notebook


Key Features

  • Embossed Hardcover Exterior

  • 192 Acid-Free Pages

  • AR-Enhanced Cover and Pages

  • Downloadable AR App for iOS & Android

Honoring the iconic history of NASA with Augmented Reality, and fill the pages of this stunning journal book with your own explorations.

View an AR-enhanced history of NASA while taking notes or drawing sketches with the NASA AR Notebook from AstroReality. Featuring an embossed silver cover and 192 acid-free pages, the hardback NASA AR Notebook features augmented reality-enabled patterns on the inside cover and select pages that let you relive NASA's greatest achievements. You can view the AR experience by installing the downloadable AstroReality Explorer app on your compatible iOS or Android device. The notebook comes in a protective paper box, while its hand-bound wire binding is designed to lay flat when opened.

  • NASA’s 60th Anniversary

    From the beautifully embossed classic NASA “worm” insignia on the hardcover exterior to the immersive AR experience, the NASA AR Notebook is perfect for any space fan or astronomy lover. NASA is not only the pioneer of making groundbreaking discoveries, but an international symbol for the pinnacle of human achievement.

  • The History of Space Discovery

In the NASA AR Notebook timeline section, watch as history comes to life before your eyes. Starting from the launch of the National Aeronautics and Space Act in 1958 and ending with the Antarctic Ozone Hole in 2018, the most detailed NASA historical stories are ready for you to explore.

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