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This exclusive Space Store design, honors Nikola Tesla.

One of Tesla's famous quotes is on the design:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 
― Nikola Tesla 

Nikola Tesla is perhaps the most brilliant scientist / inventor that ever lived. His works in electricity, energy, wireless technology and other concepts are in use today. His concepts and understanding of elctro-magnetic properties and their relevance in space...and how things may actually work in our universe, still astound the world. 

Nikola Tesla already proposed more than 100 years ago: Electromagnetic energy fills all space; gravity is not the most important force in universe; time is just mere man-made reference (Motion through space produces the “illusion of time”; aether (plasma) which feels the whole universe (ultimate medium – without it there wouldn’t be any electromagnetic force),

As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy which could be harnessed at any location. 

Inventor Nikola Tesla contributed to the development of the alternating-current electrical system that's widely used today and discovered the rotating magnetic field (the basis of most AC machinery).

Anvil 990B Youth Lightweight Fashion T-Shirt with Tear Away Label
  • 100% ring-spun cotton

  • 30 singles thread weight

  • Pre-shrunk

  • Tubular construction

  • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape

  • Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

  • Fabric weight 4.5 oz/yd2