On Top of the Shuttle Arm' in 10" x 10" and Autographed by Story Musgrave

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On Top of the Shuttle Arm - 10" x 10" Autographed by Story Musgrave
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On Top of the Shuttle Arm was photographed by Story Musgrave on the historic STS-61 mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope and was taken from the top of the shuttle arm and includes Story's trademark shooting of the Sun. Story signs in silver, "Walk With Me...Story Musgrave STS-61". The 10 x 10 inch photograph was printed from a NASA 3G transparency scan to Kodak paper. Story Musgrave served as a NASA astronaut for 31-years, flew on six space flights on all (5) space shuttles. He performed the first space walk on Challenger's first flight, a pilot on an astronomy mission, conducted two classified DOD missions, the lead space walked on the Hubble Telescope repair and on his last flight, operated an electronic chip manufacturing satellite on board Columbia.