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Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Replica in 1/48 scale In Production July 2012 and available Fall 2012.

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The Space Store now offers a 1:48 scale desktop replica of NASA's Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle through expert modeler Nick Proach. Superb high-fidelity detail, hand-crafted right here in North America, using continuallyupdated specs as this program is still being planned.The Orion Replica measures approximately 5 1/4" diameter, 10 inches in length and over 16" across the Solar Panels.The new crew vehicle is designed to be an order of magnitude safer, more reliable, more affordable and more operationally efficient than previous human space flight systems. NASA says Orion will be safer than the shuttle as the capsule will stand atop a rocket, reducing the risk of damage from debris during launch.Unlike the Shuttle, which which flies back to Earth, lands on a runway and can make dozens of flights, Orion will not be reusable. It will be launched into space on a multi-stage rocket named Ares I, which is scheduled to make its first test flight in 2009.After completing its mission, the capsule will return to Earth by parachute, in the same way as the Apollo capsule. There, however, the similarities mostly end. Orion will take six men into orbit, and be capable of landing as many as four on the Moon. Like the Shuttle it will be able to carry equipment and supplies to the space station.Orion Specs
  • Orion will be 16.5 feet in diameter and have a mass of about 25 tons
  • Inside, it will have more than 2.5 times the volume of an Apollo capsule
  • The spacecraft will return humans to the moon to stay for long periods as a testing ground for the longer journey to Mars

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