Santorini Black Lava Raw Stone Bracelet Natural Hematite Ball Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry Aromatherapy unisex bracelet

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This is a fabulously modern edgy bracelet, perfect for a man or a woman, a simple unisex design.

Dark shiny metallic hematite stone beads are heavy. You will feel this bracelet when you wear it.

For the focal stone, I chose 3 shiny metallic hematite balls.

The body of the bracelet is made from beautiful black Santorini lava stone. 

The lava stone is polished, revealing bubbles and crevices.

Santorini Island is waking up again!

Following a surprising swarm of earthquakes in early 2011, Santorini’s volcano drew a rapid breath that has raised the surface of the island by as much as 5.5 inches (14 centimeters). 

I fallen in love with the Island the very first time I visited. I hope to be able to return again to this Greek paradise. 

Santorini has spectacular architecture, a dream come true for any photographer; white walls with blue roofs and doors, endless steps and terraces, black sandy beaches, and the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t forget that you are walking on top of an active volcano, or whatever is left of it. The history of the place is also fascinating with speculations on an Exodus connection and an Atlantis connection. Food, wine and music are excellent. I cannot wait to go back. 

The bracelet is strung on four multi-strand elastics for extra strength. It is designed to last you a lifetime and more. The quality of my work is 100% guaranteed.

The hematite stone size: 7mm

The Santorini lava stone size is: 6mm