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Skylab-3 signed lot; Jack Lousma, Owen Garriott photos and signed Cover

Skylab-3 signed lot, including an 8x10 hand signed photo: 'Reach for the Stars!' Jack Lousma, Skylab II, an 8x10 hand signed photo: 'Best Wihses, Owen Garroitt' and a multi signed Jack Lousma and Owen Garriott Skylab 3 cover, stamped the day of their 6 hour and 29 minute spacewalk.  The...

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The Skylab-3 crew, Owen Garriott, Jack R. Lousma, and Alan Bean

Lousma during one of the experiments aboard the Skylab-3

The crew on this 59½ day flight included Alan Bean (spacecraft commander), Lousma (pilot), and Owen K. Garriott, who acted as a science-pilot. The crew installed six replacement rate gyroscopes used for attitude contrrol of the spacecraft and a twin-pole sunshade used for thermal control, and they repaired nine major experiment or operational equipment items. Skylab-3 accomplished all its mission goals while completing 858 revolutions of the Earth and traveling some 39,300,000 km (24,400,000 mi) in orbit. They devoted 305-man hours to extensive solar observations from above the atmosphere, which included viewing two major solar flares and numerous smaller flares and coronal transients. Also acquired and returned to Earth were 16,000 photographs and 29 km (18 mi) of magnetic tape documenting Earth resources observations. The crew completed 333 medical experiment performances and obtained valuable data on the effects of extended weithlessness on humans. Skylab-3 ended with a Pacific Ocean splashdown and recovery by USS New Orleans.

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Skylab-3 signed lot; Jack Lousma, Owen Garriott photos and signed Cover
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