Starry Night Stargazing 10" x 50" Binocular Kit

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Starry Night Stargazing Binocular KitYou don't need a telescope to view heavenly objects in the night sky!

With this kit, you'll be able to scan the Milky Way, view Jupiter and its moons, and see a myriad of star clusters, nebulas, and even the Andromeda Galaxy with binoculars! It's a wonderful, inexpensive introduction to stargazing that the whole family can enjoy.

    The Starry Night Binocular Stargazing Kit includes:
  • Complete kit with everything needed to become familiar with the night sky from the comfort of your backyard or wherever you roam
  • 10x50 binoculars gather ample light for great nighttime views of the Moon, bright planets and constellations
  • Read the included Star Target planisphere with the RedBeam Mini LED light to identify stars and constellations at any hour of night, all year round without disrupting dark-adapted vision
  • Included Starry Night Special Edition software is a powerful tool for learning the night sky and getting the most out of the 10x50 binoculars
  • A fun, educational and affordable gift for budding stargazers