STS-95 Mission Lapel Pin

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Official NASA STS-95 Mission Lapel Pin

Our STS-95 Lapel pin, is a high quality, enamel pin, which is made by the Official NASA vendor.

The STS-95 Mission launched from The Kennedy Space Center, Florida on 29 October 1998, using the orbiter Discovery. It was the 25th flight of Discovery and the 92nd mission flown since the start of the Space Shuttle program in April 1981. It was a highly publicized mission due to former Project Mercury Astronaut and United States Senator, John H. Glenn's return to space for his second space flight. At age 77, Glenn became the oldest person, to date, to go into space. This mission is also noted for inaugurating ATSC, HDTV, broadcasting in the U.S., with live coast-to-coast coverage of the launch. In another first, Spain's Pedro Duque became the first Spaniard in space.