The 4 'Rocket Garden Rockets' (set of 4) - Model

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As seen at The Kennedy Space Center - the 4 'Rocket Garden Rockets' Set of 4 Models

This is a culmination for 14 months of development. Last year Kennedy Space center made the request for to have the four ?Rocket Garden? models produced. Here they are! The Saturn 1B is 1/144 scale and the other 3 are all 1/72 scale. When bought separately, they are $540.00. Save $40, when bought as a set.

    Mercury Redstone 1/72 14.4"

    NASA modified a Redstone missile andcreated a 25.5m-long manned spacelaunch vehicle designed to carry astronauts into space. Selected because of itsgood safety record, it used an upgradedRocketdyne engine combined with aMercury spacecraft.

    Mercury Atlas 1/72 16.6"

    Atlas, designed to launch payloads intoorbit, was first launched by NASA in1958. It launched the first communications satellite that transmitted PresidentEisenhower's pre-recorded Christmasspeech around the world. For all threerobotic lunar exploration programs, Atlaswas used, as well as both Mariner andPioneer planetary probes.

    Gemini Titan 1/72 18.5"

    The Titan II GL V (Gemini LaunchVehicle), or Gemini-T itan II, was anAmerican expendable launch systemderived from the Titan II missile. It wasthe second human spaceflight program ofNASA, used to launch twelve Gemini missions for NASA between 1964 and 1966.Two unmanned launches, followed by tenmanned ones, were conducted fromLaunch Complex 19 at the CapeCanaveral Air Force Station, starting withGemini 1 on 8 April 1964

    Saturn 1B 1/144 19.5"

    The Saturn IB was commissioned byNASA as a launch vehicle for the Apolloprogram, replacing the S-IV second stageof the Saturn I with more powerful S-IVB.Used for early flight tests (before the larger Saturn V needed for lunar flight wasready), the Saturn 1B was able to launcha partially fueled Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM) or a fully fueledLunar Module into low Earth orbit. Itlaunched 2 unmanned CSM suborbitalflights, 1 unmanned LM orbital flight, andthe first manned CSM orbital mission.