TRAPPIST-1 The First Image - Made in America Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Made in America, classic, comfortable tee with a modern fit.

• 100% combed cotton for a super soft hand feel.

• Fine jersey, Slim fit, Double stitched

• Made and Designed in the USA, sweatshop free

• Available in Gray, Blue, and Black

In 2017 NASA announced the discovery of a seven-planet system named TRAPPIST-1, located a mere 39 light years away from Earth. Three of the planets are located in the TRAPPIST-1’s habitable zone meaning the discovery of a new Earth discovery could be closer than ever. In March NASA released the first image of the TRAPPIST-1 system, that image is represented on this t-shirt, the pixilation is no high definition image but it makes a beautiful design. The image shows the dimming of TRAPPIST-1’s star as the seven earth sized planets pass in front of it. As the planets pass by astronomers are able to detect the planets by measuring the dips in the stars light.

The data for the image was collected over 74 days (between December 15th 2016 and March 4th 2017) by NASA’s Kepler spacecraft. The observations were made as part of the NASA Kepler K2 mission.