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TWINS STUDY - PATCH - 5" Fully Embroidered Patch 

The Twins Study encompasses ten separate investigators who coordinate and share all data and analysis as one large, integrated research team. The study focuses on four categories of research split into 10 investigations to evaluate identical twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly. These investigations provide broader insight into the subtle effects and changes that may occur in spaceflight as compared to Earth. This is done by studying two individuals who have the same genetics, but are in different environments for one year.

Twins Study

​Key Points

  • The Twins Study takes the initial step to establish a foundation and methodology to integrate scientists, research and data that may lead to personalized countermeasure packages to optimize the safety and performance of individual astronauts

    • Research techniques used in personalized medicine (technologies such as genetic sequencing) are employed to discern individual responses to the spaceflight environment
    • Research from the molecular level to whole body function to brain function is being integrated together into one, coordinated study


  • The Twins Study is a multi-faceted national cooperation between universities, corporations, and government laboratories

    • 10 individual investigations
    • 12 universities
    • NASA biomedical laboratories
    • National Space Biomedical Research Institute
  • The Twins Study was the first study of its kind to compare molecular profiles of identical twin astronauts with one in space and another on Earth

  • The Twins Study is a supplemental study built upon the framework of the One-Year Mission research investigations

  • The Twins Study explores space through you by using omics to look more closely at individual health

  • The Twins Study is a stepping stone towards long duration space exploration such as journeys to Mars

  • NASA’s Human Research Program will share a published summary of the results from