Moon Rock Pendant with real lunar meteorite granules with 20" sterling silver chain.

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Nothing like it on can now give her the Moon!

You may not be able to walk on the moon...but you can walk with the moon!

Six months in the making; 3 continents involved, from concept, to design, to production, to delivery...but millions of years in creation: the first moon pendant that has the moon and real lunar meteorite granules...the current, little vial tubes and with lunar dust; although containing real lunar meteorite pulverized dust, does not depict the moon in any way and no one knows what the dust is. So, we set out on a mission to create The Ultimate - this unique and stunning Moon Pendant. So unique, it is trademarked.

Mission Objectives:

1. A moon pendant must be part of it.

2. There must be granule sized lunar meteorites and not just dust! We want to see moon rocks. You want to see the moon rocks. You want others to see the moon rocks.

3. It must come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

She asked for the Moon?  You can now give it to her. We did not skimp on the amount of lunar meteorite granules, so the first 100 to be created, we ended up with only 54 pendants, as we decided to make sure an adequate amount of granules are in each handblown glass dome.

  • The moon is a crescent moon, made of silver, that was hand hammered, to make each one unique.

  • High Quality 20" Sterling Silver Rope Chain.

  • Exquisite Gift Box

  • Dimensions of the pendant excluding the bale: The waning moon is approximately 25mm x 18mm x 2mm, and the smaller full moon is approximately 10mm of diameter.

    Meteorite Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia

    Official Name: NWA 11787


    Beautiful Lunar Waning Crescent Sterling Silver Pendant with a hanging second full moon sterling silver lunar pendant containing genuine meteorite granules and/or dust particles from the lunar feldspathic breccia meteorite with official name NWA 11787.

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