2021 Fiji 50 cents 31.5-gm Titanium Mars Rover Uncirculated Coin

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NEW! Stunning, multi-colored titanium coin. 



  • LOW LIMITED EDITION – The edition limit for the 2021 Fiji Titanium Mars Rover Coin has been set at just 5,000. 40 mm in diameter

Touchdown! NASA’s Mars Rover Makes History

On February 18, 2021 when the Mars Rover Perseverance landed on the Red Planet, scientists at NASA’s Mission Control erupted into whoops of joy. The moments before touchdown at Jezero crater were fraught with tension because the rover was tethered to a parachute descending at about 200 miles per hour in the thin Mars atmosphere. To get to a safe touchdown speed, Perseverance had to free itself of the parachute, and ride the rest of the way down using rockets — all using its own internal robotic computer without human piloting. Now you can preserve that historic moment forever in your collection with this fantastic coin struck in highly pure titanium!

Perseverance And Ingenuity

Officially approved by NASA, this multi-colored coin was struck in 31.5 grams of 99% titanium. It shows the Mars Rover Perseverance deployed on the Martian surface while its drone, a small robotic helicopter named Ingenuity hover in the background. Ingenuity made history by making the first powered controlled flight by an aircraft on a planet besides Earth. The red-tinted inner core of the coin perfectly contrasts with the silvery outer ring that is inscribed with the words “PERSEVERANCE – INGENUITY” at the top and “MARS 2021 TOUCHDOWN” along the bottom.

The coins available in this offer all come in original Uncirculated condition with razor-sharp details that are as fresh and crisp as the day they left the mint. Plus, each will come beautifully housed in its original mint packaging that consists of presentation case and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Just 5,000 of these space-aged coins have been struck for worldwide release so order yours now before out supply runs out!


  • TRIBUTE TO THE MARS ROVER – This coin pays tribute to the 2021 landing of the Mars Rover Perseverance. It shows Perseverance and its helicopter drone Ingenuity in an inner red core. The coin’s obverse features the Fiji Coat of Arms along with the coin’s year date and denomination.

  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE TITANIUM –Each Mars Rover Coin was struck in 31.5 grams of highly pure titanium and measures 40 mm in diameter.

  • LEGAL-TENDER COIN – These 2021 Fiji Titanium Mars Rover Coins are 50 cents legal tender in Fiji, an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean.

  • CRISP UNCIRCULATED CONDITION – Your 2021 Fiji Titanium Mars Rover Coin will come in original Uncirculated condition.

  • LOW LIMITED EDITION – The edition limit for the 2021 Fiji Titanium Mars Rover Coin has been set at just 5,000.

Pay tribute to the Mars Rover with the 2021 Fiji Titanium Mars Rover Coin. This coin is out of this world so get yours now before they’re all gone!