Apollo 13 50th Anniversary Patch

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Apollo 13 50th Anniversary Patch 

This patch was issued by Winco to commemorate the Apollo 13 50th Anniversary. it is a fully embroidered patch and 4.25" x 4". It includes a tab at the bottom, in which has FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. 


These words set in motion a historic series of events. For three days, three astronauts huddled in the Aquarius Lunar Module as the Mission Control team on Earth worked to solve the problem of how to bring them home. Meanwhile, the world united in prayer and hope for the survival of three Americans 200,000 miles from Earth. 

No other space mission before or since called on the collaboration of so many in Mission Control and beyond to solve such a critical challenge. Apollo 13: A Mission of Survival. A Mission of Teamwork. A Mission of Hope.