Mercury Mission Program Patch
Mercury Mission Program Patch The Official NASA Vendor 3" Patch. Initiated in 1958, completed in 1963, Project Mercury was the United States' first man-in-space program. The objectives of the program, which made six manned flights from 1961 to 1963, were...
Mercury Missions Patch Set
Mercury Missions Patch Set A complete set of official Mercury Mission patches.Project Mercury was the United States' first manned spaceflight program. It ran from 1959 through 1963 with the goal of putting a man in orbit around the Earth. Early...
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Mercury Commemorative 8" Patch
Mercury Commemorative 8" PatchThis year marks the 50th Anniversary of the formation of NASA. To mark this event artist Tim Gagnon of Titusville, FL has designed a series of emblems commemorating the United States efforts to explore space. This design,...
Mercury 6 Mission Patch
Mercury 6 Mission PatchThe flight of Friendship 7 or Mercury 6, marked a place in history as being the first American manned orbital flight. MA-6 launched on February 20, 1962, carrying astronaut John Glenn into orbit for nearly five hours...
Mercury 3 Mission Patch
Mercury 3 Mission PatchFifteen minutes which changed the way Americans looked at their world. Alan B. Shepard earned a central place in the history of the 20th century. Freedom 7 ushered in the era of space flight for the U.S.A....
Alan B. Shepard Commemorative Patch
ALAN B. SHEPARD COMMEMORATIVE PATCH. Rear Admiral Shepard was one of the Mercury astronauts named by NASA in April 1959, and he holds the distinction of being the first American to journey into space. On May 5, 1961, in the...
First American To Orbit The Earth Patch
First American To Orbit The Earth Patch On February 20, 1962, Glenn piloted the Mercury-Atlas 6 "Friendship 7" spacecraft on the first manned orbital mission of the United States. Launched from Cape Canaveral (recently re-named Cape Kennedy), Florida, he completed...
Mercury 4 Mission Patch
Mercury 4 Mission PatchMercury 4 was the second U.S. suborbital manned space flight. Gus Grissom flew 118 miles high and 303 miles downrange. Due to an inadvertent firing of the explosive hatch, the space capsule filled with water and sank....
Mercury 7 Mission Patch
Mercury 7 Mission PatchThis was the second U.S. orbital manned space flight. A re-entry navigational error caused the Mercury space capsule to overshoot its southeast Atlantic Ocean landing site by 200 miles. Scott Carpenter spent three hours in a life...
Mercury 9 Mission Patch
The Faith 7 mission was to determine the effects of extended spaceflight on man. Gordon Cooper completed 22 orbits, traveling 593,885 miles in 34 hours, 20 minutes. Astronaut and spacecraft were recovered 36 minutes after splashdown in the Pacific Ocean....
Mercury 8 Mission Patch
Mercury 8 Mission PatchThe Sigma 7 spacecraft traveled 160,000 miles completing nearly six orbits and returned to Earth at a predetermined point in the Pacific Ocean nine hours, 14 minutes after launch. Wally Schirra was aboard the recovery vessel within...
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8 Inch Mercury Program Patch
The large version of the Mercury Program patch. 8 inches.
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