*ORION 1/48 scale model
Orion is destined to be NASA’s own next generation spacecraft, replacing the Space Shuttle.  It is currently on track for an manned flight to the moon in 2024. ++ BACKORDERED UNTIL LEAD TIME 8-10 WEEKS ++ Orion Will Go the...
APOLLO COMMAND MODULE W/LEM 1/48 Scale  July 20th, 1969...American astronauts take the first steps on the moon. Recapture the glory and success of the U.S. Moon landing program with this 1/48 scale replica of the Apollo 11 Command/Service Module docked...
$399.95 $339.99
*Lunar Excursion Model
$299.95 $254.99
*Lunar Excursion Model
Lunar Excursion Model The 1/48th scale Lunar Excursion Module model features such exact detail you expect Neil Armstrong to open the door and walk down the ladder to the surface of the moon. Stands 5 3/4 x 5 1/2 inches....
$299.95 $254.99
BOEING CST-100 STARLINER 1/48   **BACKORDERED 8-10 WEEKS** 1/48 scale model of Boeing's Crew Space Transportation capsule. These highly accurate replicas are hand cast with resin and come with a wooden display stand. The Crew Module separates from the Service...
*Apollo Command Module - 1/48 Scale Model
This 1/48th scale Apollo Command Module Model comes with a stand and features amazing detailing. Stands 3 1/2 x 9 inches. This model is not a kit and is already constructed. It is meant for display such as a desk...
Apollo Command and Service Module 1:48 Scale
INTRODUCING Our 1/48 Scale Apollo SpacecraftNow in stock and ready to ship Celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the Apollo flights to the Moon by addingthis high detailed replica of the Apollo spacecraft in 1/48 scale to yourcollection. Please note...
*APOLLO 11 EAGLE 11 x 14 or 16 x 24
APOLLO 11 EAGLE 11 x 14  or  16 x 24 On July 20, 1969 men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon. They came in peace for all mankind. After several Apollo missions to test the hardware,...
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