Are We In For Another Space Race


The U.S. and China seem to compete in all things. Space exploration is no exception to this rule. Evidence suggests that the race is heating up with China preparing to launch a new orbital space station.

Just like in the early 19650's, there are challenges to the US in the space race. Back in the days of 1950's there was a very pronounced space race between Russian and the United States. In fact, Russia's Yuri Gagarin, was the first man in space followed closely by Alan Shepherd of the U.S. The U.S. arguably you could say was the leader of the space race with the first man on the moon, the U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong.

There is now recent evidence that the U.S. may be engaged in another space race. Some of the ore recent evidence suggests that instead of the previous race with Russia There may be a race on with China. The Chinese are going to be launching the Tiangong which will be an orbiting space capsule. The China National Space Administration has roots in the Cold War. Almost immediately, after the People’s Republic of China was created, China's space competition with the U.S. began, as a product of the Cold War. 

NASA has been in hiatus with actual astronaut adventures sending instead unmanned capsules into space. However, President Bush assured users that the U.S. would be landing on the moon again in 2020. The U.S. budgetary propiteries do not seem to be on the NASA space program at the moment but all that could change.

It is possible with the overall competitive atmosphere that exists between the U.S. and China that the space race between the two will continue. Many individuals will take advantage of the competition to spur US exploration they are looking to see the space race between the two. China's space program has a long history, as mentioned but politics and power struggles got in the way of the venture. They too have sent men into space namely, Yang Limei on Zenhoug 5 followed by two more manned missions. Tianog may allow them to get on board with the latest evidence of flight in the air.

Since the U.S. and China already compete in so many things, world leadership, economics and technology it is not surprising that a space race is something that they will continue to compete on. This is one of the things that is well known in terms of ventures. It will just be one of the things to watch in the future. Space travel and flight can not be far behind.

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