How Valuable is Tedirs to Space Communications?

The NASA Tedris was formed back in 1973 it gave NASA the opportunity to be able to receive and give information at a convenient rate of increase. The first Tedris space communication device was set out into space in the 1980’s with continuous improvements to be started in 2013, and to continue. 

In California during the early 1980’s and 1990’s the first 10 NASA Tedris space communications were built.. When the Tedris space communication was destroyed in 1986 on the Challenger shuttle and was decided that a Tedris space communication device number 7 needed to be created. It was built in California by what is known as the Boeing Company and after number 7 Tedris Space communications was created it was the second generation for space communication.

The space communications continued on with the third generation of space communications in 2007 and the big difference between the second and third space communications was to return to land communications with an S-band beam able to retrieve data better. 

It was last year of 2013 in the month of January that a Tedris communications device was put out into space, and recently another one was put out into space a year later in January of 2014. There is a plan for another space communications to be put out into space in the next year of 2015.

Antennas of a variety of sizes on our television sets can bring into our homes the sound and pictures we desire. The antennas used for space communications are much bigger and powerful bringing in information that is vital for knowing what other countries are doing in order to keep us safe. What the weather is doing to warn people to evacuate, or to prepare ourselves for a possible storm. 

Communication is important in a number of ways between people, businesses and on a larger scale between people here on earth and what we can find out about the space above us. Finding out information about the space above us could help us to solve the problems that we are experiencing now on our earth.

All of our space communication is vital in learning about our world and how we can improve it. We are just starting out learning about the vast space and what it may have to offer us in a positive way to improve our lives here on earth. It takes many people from all walks of life who are dedicated to the research of space communication and the money and time it takes to continue building these space communication devices.
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