Seeing Objects at the Speed of Light in Stunning Images


About 100 years after Einstein presented us with his theory of relativity, NASA specialists have been able to capture a stunning image of objects traveling at the speed of light, thus validating what was once considered a highly questionable scientific notion. 

How It’s Done

Einstein’s famous relativity theory states that objects that move at the speed of light are independent of non-observing accelerators, thus disproving the notion at the time that in order for an object to move at the speed of light, it must pass through matter.  He also disproved the idea that the laws of physics apply differently depending on whether or not an object is in motion, by demonstrating that objects move at the speed of light even when they are technically at rest.

For an object to move at the speed of light, it cannot have mass.  Therefore, the speed of light is the maximum speed that exists in terms of physics.  And, now, we can see it with our very own eyes thanks to NASA.

Light is measured in photons and maintains its speed rather than accelerates unless it is changing in direction.  And, thanks to the stunning photograph provided by NASA, we can understand this concept a little bit more easily.  Physicists have concluded that electromagnetic fields are responsible for light’s speed, and that is clearly captured in the photograph.  The photograph also demonstrates how magnetic fields that surround the Earth are always snapping and realigning, which forces light to change direction, thus causing acceleration.

Solar flares are partially responsible for this snapping and realigning of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields, and, according to NASA, we can expect more of that in the near future.  In fact, NASA warns that large solar explosions may become commonplace in the not-so-distant future.  These explosions will force extremely hot gas to enter the atmosphere, although NASA says that things should return to normal within a decade or so.

While this picture provides us with a stunning image of the speed of light, NASA has provided us with other photos to support Einstein’s theory in recent years as well.  NASA has given us striking photographs of the solar flares that alter the course of light, for instance, demonstrating how the acceleration of photons changes due to changes in the electromagnetic field that forces them to switch directions.

Bringing More Life to Einstein’s Theory

The gorgeous photograph provided to us by NASA helps provide us with a deeper understanding of Einstein’s theory while giving us something beautiful to look at.  As space photography continues to advance in terms of technological developments, we anticipate seeing even more breathtaking views of space physics at work in the years to come.


  • Posted on by Ryan Weeden
    My Question:

    It’s stated that NASA, can now take images of “Objects” travelling the light of speed..
    My Q:
    When I am finally able to develop my concept for a light seed engine, ( and create a vessel around it),
    Will images be able to be taken from the aft. And or
    Bow, in clarity?

  • Posted on by Brolocán
    I know this sounds kinda stupid abd maybe something more likely to be said by a elementary school kid.. but.. 🤔🤨🤷🏼😆NO PICTURES?? Lol

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