Stone Meteorite Cage Pendant with 18" Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

The Stone Meteorite Cage Pendant with 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain is a unique meteorite pendant that is crafted from a whole stone meteorite strung from a solid silver curb chain inside a silver plated cage. The meteorite is then strung from an 18 inch sterling silver curb chain.

It is a stone chondrite meteorite and was originally part of the Asteroid Belt - a huge ring of rock pieces flying in a ring between Mars and Jupiter. No wonder this is a stunning piece of jewelry and will gain interest whenever it is worn.

You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity and an exclusive free gift - an illustrated A4 meteorite information sheet.This was written by Mark Ford - Secretary of the BIMS (British And Irish Meteorite Society) and gives a useful overview of meteorites.

It will offer no revelations to a dedicated meteorite buff, but will be indispensable for a complete novice.

  • Mar 24, 2017
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Oscar January 05, 2018

Nice piece… I saw a bunch of very nice meteorite jewelry pieces here

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